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The Anatomy of an Angel


In this book about the Angels:


-We will study the 3 main types of angels of light: the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the destroying(American Standard Bible)/evil (King James Version) angels/angels bringing disaster (Modern English Version), yes they are too of the light.


-We will see the vehicle of God, you know, the one that has wheels and angels to drive it. -We will see the unknown story of the devil and the secret described in the Bible about how he fell, a story that you certainly have not been told and will be discussed. But my real purpose in this book, beyond studying angels, is to show you how unique, how amazing, and how important you are to God. YES YOU.


In each chapter of this book, you will be able to discern that the focus of God's thinking is on you and only you. God sends his angels for you to provide solutions, answers and messages. He sends them to you to protect you, to defend you, and even to fight your own battles with heavenly armies.


How precious you are to God! Let us begin this beautiful journey with the heavenly armies of angels.


Secret #1:

Types of Angels 

What are the main types of Angels, what they look like, what is their gender, how many angels there are, do all angels look alike with each other? And much more...


Secret  #2:

Devil and human

When did the devil fall and what made him proud? Was his contact with the first-formed people his first contact with humans?


Secret  #3:

God's automobile

Since God is omnipresent, and has wings and is also Spirit, why does he have a vehicle with wheels and fuel and angels to drive it?

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