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The Secret of Prayer

God WANTS to Answer Prayers. Are you tired of watching others receive their requests, while your own prayers do not seem to go over the ceiling?


Do you have any unanswered requests? Do you wonder why God does not hear all the prayers as you thought?


Now is your chance to learn about the beautiful world of prayer. God hears and answers prayers and let no one deceive you, God has taken a position to bless you and from this position he does not move. His ear is not deaf and His hand is not too short, He is able to bless.


Then why does he not answer ALL the prayers?

Because Prayer has SECRETS

which will now be revealed to you...


Secret #1:

Prayer Process.

-The Word of God tells us not to go to prayer if we are not properly prepared. But what is to be prepared? What do I need to do to be ready for make prayer work?


Secret #2:

Prayer to work

Does prayer have a place, way and method? what is the structure of prayer that will surely bring us results?


Secret  #3:

Waiting after Prayer

The time when the world loses the results of their prayer is the time that begins after the AMEN. Find out how we expect and receive our requests.


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