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Sea Shore

All About Me

My desire is not just to preach.


I want to help people change their lives.


Christian life, is not a daily routine life that contains only one hour of attending church once a week, prayer for one minute, flip through the Holy Bible, and fasting every now and then.


Jesus Christ Himself, said that from the fruit you will know the tree for sure, also, for every fountain of water we will only know whether it's sweet or bitter, from the water that it springs.


Christian living is, the whole life, every hour and every minute, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, through the Saving work of Jesus Christ, on the cross of Calvary, we are living the blessing of God and the redemption that took place on our behalf, on the cross.


Jesus took every sin, every sickness, every disease, every sorrow, and even poverty.


Even though Jesus took it all, wherever you go, all over the world, the churches are full of the , so called, believers who struggle with sin, while they are sick, in poverty and misery.


And they are so many millions, the so called believers, that it became a doctrine, that this is how Christians should be, since they are so many,

and sinceGod leaves them as they are, this is translated that God does want them to remain like this. Indeed, they reached such a level of blasphemy to God, where blasphemy means to give a bad reputation to God, that they have special teachings declaring that God brought all these ugly situations in life, even though they themselves, are not to blame.....


My beloved, if you are believers, you should be aware of what/who exactly you exercise this faith upon .Just saying that God exists, does not make you a believer, not even a Christian.


The Bible says, that even the demons know this, but truly, they are no Christians at all ! Nobody can believe, unless he is taught, and nobody can teach unless he is sent for this purpose. And this is my mission, in this life.


We will take your life, and we will measure it on the basis of the Bible, according to the measures that it contains, so that we can see the amount of blessings, and the amount of curse in your lives. My goal is, to assist you to put those measures to the level where there is only blessing.

Dark Waves

His Resume

P. Dimitrios Athanasopoulos, was born on July 31st, 1969 in Athens, Greece.

His father worked as a private employee, and his mother was a dressmaker.

Coming from a poor working environment, he begun, from a very young age, to help and support his family, mainly by working

on summertime at Nafpaktos, his father’s birth place.

Since childhood, he loved to study and learn, and without having to struggle and read for hours, he managed to reach the highest grades at school.

He grew a huge interest in computers, even though it was ahead of its time, and generally in anything that had to do with robotics, mathematics and science.

He lived with his five membered family, in an apartment, at Peristeri, that was built with the help of his parents and his brothers too. Himself also, had to save a lot and suffer lack.

Since he was 14  years old, he was living alone at a small room structured by his parents, at the roof of their house.  He used to sit there alone, spending endless hours by putting together and fixing computers, and trying to figure out new methods, to push the technological level, one step ahead.

Since he was a kid, he had a soft spot for his youngest brother, who was nine years younger than himself. He used to say, that if any child at school would bully him, Dimitrios would always be there to stand against injustice.

In 1987, he graduated, from the 10th, Lyceum of Peristeri, almost with an A grade, but because he wishes to occupy himself exclusively with computers, he attends a private school, that he pays by his own pocket money. As soon as he finished that school, he was entitled for scholarship, also with an A grade, for the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland, with a specialty in robotics and artificial intelligence!

However, he did not make it there. Even though, scholarship would mean some free ride, he could not afford the extra expenses in order to continue.

That summer, he did not know at all how to continue with his life, so he went back at Nafpaktos, and worked again, as a waiter. One of his cousins who was there,  almost at his age, had an affair with a woman, who was at least 70 years old, but in his eyes, she seemed only 30…. When his cousin introduced him to that woman as she was 30, even though she was 70, Dimitios was shocked, and he immediately suspected that something was very wrong….and he asks that woman….how did she manage to make him see her like that. She answered straight ahead that it was witchcraft.

Being at a very young age, and having some spiritual quests, Dimitrios asked her, if she could teach him the tricks. So, he begun to study, to occupy himself with witchcraft, and to read the relevant books.

Later on, at a time that he was back in Athens, he found himself locked in his room, seeking the most perfect demon that could perform absolutely everything. Suddenly, as he explained himself, his room disappeared and he found himself in a sort of white liquid milk, everything looked so white and so beautiful, and a voice was heard out of nowhere, saying “I am Adonai, through Me, you can do everything”. At that moment, as if he woke up from a dream, he started to search, trying to find out, what kind of a demon carried that name ! However, he never found anything…..

Some days later, he was talking and sharing this experience with certain people. One of them, was attending an Evangelical church, and explained to him that Adonai, is God…..

Dimitrios was confused, he said that there is absolutely no way that God could have spoken to him, since he is involved in witchcraft. However, that was exactly the case. Since that day, Dimitrio’s life changed forever.

So, the coming Sunday, after this event, he shows up at church. He believed in Jesus on the spot. He kneeled, he prayed with the rest of the brothers in Christ, and he quit smoking from that moment on. He asked forgiveness from The Lord, though he did not know yet who He was, and thanked Him for revealing Himself to him.

By next Sunday, he was already baptized in the water, and he had received the Holy Spirit. Since that day, and for at least another 30 years in a row, he is walking with The Lord.

Going back to the age of 20, after believing in God, he still loved to occupy himself with the computers, and that love, led him to gather his savings and open a computer store down town, at Stournara Street, in the center of the city of Athens.

He worked very hard and his target was to succeed in that field, and he experiences the blessings of God, one after another, after another, until he became one of the first 20 years old millionaires of the time, in Greece.

By the age of 27, and after spending countless hours of reading the Holy Bible, discovering more and more the Word of God, the gifts of God kept coming upon him, as he was asking for them with great zeal, because he knew God now, and what He wanted from his life. He started with prophetic, very strongly, and at the same time, he evangelized many people out in the streets, on television, praying in hospitals for the sick, and wherever there was a need, …he was always there for the Lord, for many-many years.

He was always present and active at the church where he was attending, and he was always available to contribute and to offer, wherever there was a need, anytime, not only spiritually but also financially.

At his thirties, The Lord, presented Himself to him, revealing, that it is his time to become a pastor. However, he denied it strongly. The more The Lord was telling him that he was chosen for this path, the more strongly he denied it.

Until, …things  at work started to go down and he was forced to close the store within a day, …a store that brought a lot of income in the past. Obviously, this was happening because The Lord was leading him clearly to His will, but he kept denying it. As he often explains himself, we either run ahead of God, or we run after Him. But the most important of all, is to walk beside Him, and to listen to Him, for our own benefit.

Sea Grass

That is how many years went by, and he found himself in complete poverty, because the devil, stole all of his money, and there was nothing left. So, in order to support himself and earn a living, he begins to work again, as a waiter, a delivery boy, and some other similar positions, in order to make it through and avoid starving.

Under the circumstances, and knowing the God that he believed in, he decided to lay down and pray like David did, and he said ‘ Lord, I am not moving from this place until you bless me, You surely want me to be full of provision ‘. And after many hours of prayer, he was expecting to receive an answer, and he felt that something ‘ was broken ‘ , and that God, intended to multiply his blessings. Of course, the time had come, for him to obey the will of God and submit himself and stand, and to do the work of God. As he often says and stresses until today, you must follow the plan of God for your life, and when He tells you to turn, you must turn instantly, otherwise the devil will steal from you, a lot of time and a lot money among other things.

At the age of 40, he has grown into a very mature man, spiritually, and he has seen all of the aspects of his life. The will of God became clear, he follows, and he becomes a Pastor. A minister in charge, at the Evangelical ‘’Church of the Love & Grace of God’’, with a permit, obtained by the Greek state.

Countless of hours in ministry, prayer for the sick, for people suffering extreme poverty, for the young ones, for the elders, for all social levels. He is just there, always present, to preach the Word, so that you may see and experience, all that God can do for you, to show you the Gospel (the good news) that are here, for you.

From those days, and until today, he is distinguished by his detailed and analytical explanation of the Holy Bible, through grammatical and syntactic analysis in ancient Greek language, in modern Greek language, and in English also. To him, every single word, in The Word of God, is extremely important.

He has been reading and studying the Holy Bible, for more than 30 years, he has been preaching, and he devoted himself completely to the plan of God for his life.

He is struggling relentlessly, aiming to see everyone changed through Christ, so that the people can view their lives from a different angle, so that the devil cannot steal anymore the people’s lives.

As he explains himself, he became a mentor, to those who want to follow Christ, in order to assist them to move on. He is more than just a preacher, but a teacher also, and a mentor and he truly changes lives through Christ. He preached at numerous churches in Greece, and also abroad, in Greek and foreign churches.

He’s 50 years old today, and he just wrote his first book, about the Angels. All of the series are available for you to watch and follow. Faith, joy, healing, prayer, the last days, and many more.

His whole life is totally devoted to God, and his advice for you is, to study your Bible, to study deeply without sticking to various teachings that do not even exist in the Word. Do not follow the letter that kills, follow instead the Spirit that gives life…

He prays without seizing, for you to become thirsty for the knowledge of the Word, even to learn it by hart, if possible, so that you may see for yourself that God is there,…for you, ….for everything, so that you will experience miracles in your life, just as he did in his. God never left him, never abandoned him, but He taught him how to listen and follow, in order to receive all of the blessings in his life.

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