Unanswered Prayers

Signature Course

Online Course Hosted by Pastor Dimitrios,

Teacher on living a miraculously life full of JOY and ABUNDANCE 

with over 35 years of experience and Uncountable Miracles

This Training will reveal 29 ways
to perfect your prayer in just 3 modules:

Module 1

  • How to decide what to pray.

  • What you must do before even your prayer.

  • How you must prepare yourself.

  • What is the right order and what you must have in place before you start.

  • From what you must take extreme care because they are dangerous to destroy your prayer.

  • How to know from the beginning if God is willing to answer your prayer or not.

  • How to prepare yourself in order to be accepted in the Holy presence.

Module 2

  • Your spiritual body language.

  • Your spiritual oral language.

  • What should be Your focus on. 

  • How to address to the Father.

  • How long, with how many words you are sure. that you achieve your goal.


Module 3
prayer is not finished after the AMEN

  • How not to cancel your prayer.

  • How to help your answer-bringing angel.

  • Who you are allowed to speak to and who you are forbidden to speak.

  • Any time the answer can be stolen, even in front of you, how to protect it from happening.

  • What is the book of remembrance?

  • How to wait for an answer from God.



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Simple, easy to understand, step by step,

but most of all LIFE CHANGING